The WHO has recognized the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a core competency of the 21st century healthcare workforce to support patient care. Thus, professionals having good knowledge, attitude and practice on the ICTs application in health system are highly demanded in Ethiopia. Master of public Health in Health Informatics in the University of Gondar is the graduate program established with the aim of producing health informatics professionals that can support the public health practices, research, and teaching learning.

Program Objective

Program Description

Admission Requirements

Graduation Requirement

Course Breakdown

Module NumberModule TittleCredit HourYear/ Semister
PuHe 7011Principle and practice in public health21/1
PuHe 7051Basic Bio statics and data management41/1
PuHe7061Basic Epidemiology31/1
PuHe 7031Leadership, Management and Governance31/1
PuHe 7041Health Communication and partnership21/2
PuHi 7012Introduction to Health informatics21/2
PuHi 7022Telemedicine and eHealth31/2
PuHi 7032Health Information System Analysis and Design31/2
PuHi 8042Healthcare Database and Data Management32/1
PuHi 8052GIS and Disease Mapping22/1
PuHi 8062Monitoring and Evaluation of HIS22/1
PuHe 8071Research Method32/1
PuHe 8072Thesis Work62/2