Capacity building is the cornerstone of addressing challenges effectively. At CDHI, we focus on empowering individuals and groups by enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities through workshops, short-term training, onsite mentoring, and student exchange programs, driving transformative change in healthcare.

Major Capacity-Building Activities

CBMP Model Woreda Verification Ceremony

Data Quality and Use Training at DHIS2 Academy


Student exchange program Overview

The student exchange program at the CDHI  offers Master’s and PhD students shared opportunities to travel abroad and experience academic and cultural immersion at partner institutions. Through the NURTURE and SEARH projects, participants engage in a transformative journey that enriches both their academic and personal growth.

So far, the program has successfully facilitated exchanges for a total of 13 PhD and Master’s students across five rounds, fostering academic excellence and cultural enrichment.

The Student Exchange Program offers reciprocal opportunities for students to travel abroad and be hosted by partner institutions. Within the CDHI, the NURTURE and SEARH projects provide Master’s and PhD students with invaluable chances for international experience.

Traveling from Ethiopia to Norway during the arrival at the airport

Project Launching Workshop


Benefits of the Program